JLA Connect - Case Studies

Moving your business onwards and upwards.

We are a versatile company that connect any different industries.

The client profiles on this page show you how the real JLA customers make connections in a diverse range of businesses and sectors.

Have a read of some of these case studies to find out more about how we help companies like yours to connect to others and in turn offer a better service your customers.

Derek Maltby - Global MSC Security

"I have known John for more than 15 years and do not know of anyone more capable of making sure his networking skills are put to good use to benefit his clients, potential clients and those that should be talking to each other.  John will recognise and identify the benefits of certain companies or individuals ‘talking’ to each other to achieve common goals. John is always making sure positive benefits in the form of business relationships are forged; he sees opportunities well in advance of other people recognising their skills to match the prospects presented.  This enables many new business openings to be created."

Jason Owen - Richmond and Wandsworth Council

"Johns networking skills are tremendous, and he can fit people together with like minded skills and abilities.  John has a wealth of experience in networking. I have known John for several years. John is very personal and attentive to requirements.  John will become a friend and not just a business acquaintance. John’s core skills are people, and his proven track record for putting the right people in contact both for business interests and links to other areas in the security world are second to none. John is often my go to person for help and assistance on a range of practical, technical and business query’s."

Keith Askham - Consultant

"I have known John Lewis in a professional capacity for over twenty years. Within this period John has on numerous occasions demonstrated his excellent customer service skills and attention to detail as well as a thirst for learning new technology within the security industry, whilst bringing like-minded people together.John has a proven record of successfully instigating networking meetings to bring products and services to attention of other security professionals.  Having the pleasure to work alongside John in the security industry, it became apparent that we shared the same values: Credibility, integrity and focus on customer service and find John a man of his word – a rarity in todays “modern” world of business."